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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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January 1, 2018

It is by complete coincidence that I am posting this awesome workout today.  It is by no means a New Year's Resolution or a part of a weight loss plan.  This is just something that my husband James and I do in our attempt to stay fit and healthy.  I call it Crazy Town since people at the gym basically looked at us while we were doing this like we were on the fast train to crazy town.


Warm up: 20 mins or cardio, building pace each 5 mins.  We choose running the treadmill.


50 to 70 push-ups. Keep a consistent count in your head up to 70. If you have to take a break, still keep counting and jump back in when you can.  Hopefully you will increase the number you can do each time you try. Today I did 60 out of 70.


Main set: 

1. 20 knee crunches each side. (Standing on one leg, extend both hands over head. Take knee of on-standing leg and lift it up above your waist as you pull down with both arms.  Repeat on other side.  This is basically abs so make sure you are concentrating on the contraction)

2. 20 shuffle side to side. (shuffle one direction, touch the ground, shuffle other way, touch the ground)

3. 20 Forearm/forearm, hand/hand (James calls these up/up, down/downs.  Start in basic plank on your hands, descend to forearms then go back up to hands.  Make sure to change the hand that leads either every other or after 10)

4. 20 jumping lunges (basic lunge, trying to get the feet to leave the ground and return at the same time)

5. 10 tuck jumps (simply because they are evil)

6. 20 mountain climbers (from a plank bring knees into chest back in forth like you are running up a hill)

7. 50 air squats (get your butt down below parrallel

8. 20 weighted punches front, up, front and upper (we did this with 5 lbs.  Punch cross your body but with high elbows, then straight up, then front again then lastly like an upper cut.  Punch like you mean it!)


Hold a plank for 10, 10 push-ups, hold a plank for 9, 9 push-ups, hold a plank for 8, 8 push ups....all the way down to 1.


Repeat Main set


Hold a squat for 10, 10 squat jumps, hold a squat for 9, 9 squat jumps,...all the way down to 1.


Repeat Main set


Hold a squat for 10, 10 squat jumps, hold a plank for 9, 9 push ups, hold a squat for 8, 8 squat jumps, hold a plank for 7, 7 push ups,...repeat pattern all the way down to 1.


Walking lunges with heavy weights. 4 sets of 16 steps.  


10 pull-ups




And now you have officially visited Crazy Town!!!!


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