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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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a little motivation for Monday

January 29, 2018

I ended up warming up for about 35 mins since my hubby had an appointment this morning so I got to the gym first.  It was probably a good move since I was really tight from the weekend.  Good form is REALLY important on a lot of these moves.  I feel like this workout is shoulder heavy but I will know for sure tomorrow morning when I wake up and either can or can't lift my arms!


Warm up: Alternate 2 min uphill treadmill walk (start with at least 4 incline/ 3.5 mph) and 2 min run.  Increasing speed and incline each time for 14 mins.


5 rounds: 

10 box jumps

10 push-ups

20 mountain climbers

rest :20 between rounds


5 rounds:

10 push-ups with pike with feet in TRX stir-ups 

10 reverse lunge to knee lift on one side, 10 on other

30 high knees

rest :20 between rounds


3 rounds:

4 wall walks

10 thrusters

20 muffin tops (with weights in hands, reach one arm straight over head while other hand dips below the knee with weight. Change to other side, bending back and forth)

rest :30 between rounds


3 rounds:

hand stand hold (if you are like me, you need a wall to lean against and actually a little assistance to get up.  I counted to about 10 each hold)

10 squat, curl, overhead press (squat with weights in hand, curl as you stand up, once standing press overhead)

15 tricep kickbacks (from a bent over position with a straight back and pelvis untucked, kickback and hold for a count of 3)

rest :30 between rounds


3 rounds: 

farmer carry (I used 2/35lb plates, James used 2/45lb plates. We walked around the perimeter of our gym would I would guess is about 75 meters)

5 to 10 pull ups 

try and do continuously


Stretch and cool down

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