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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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Spartan Style-AROO!

February 13, 2018

The hubby and I are signed up to do a Spartan Race in early May.  This will be my 2nd, his 3rd.  They are super fun, low stress and wickedly hard.  This workout is specifically designed towards one of these races.


If at any point in this workout you feel like you are not pushing yourself hard enough, through in 10 pushup burpees.  (If you miss an obstacle in the race, they make you do 30!!!!)


10 min cardio warmup


3 times through

12 pushups

25 to 35 lb farmer carry- with plates in each hand, walk 50 meters


3 times through 

monkey bars- I have access to a pull up bar that has 3 different grips.  I move sideways across those grips and back to simulate a monkey bar

20 to 50 lb sandbag carry- hold the sandbag in front, walk 50 meters


3 times through

10 sandbag slams- I used a 25 lb sandbag, lift overhead, slam it to the ground, bend into proper squat to pick up

30 second plank


3 times through

15 kettle bell swings

15 goblet squats (squats holding the kettle bell with both hands in front of your body)

next time through, reduce to 12 reps

last time through, reduce to 10 reps


3 times through

30 second hanging hold-this is a hang hold from a pull up bar trying to keep shoulders relaxed with tight core

hand stand-hold for as long as you can



go through whole main set doing each movement only 1 time though....meaning 12 push up, 50m farmer carry, monkey bar, sandbag carry, 10 sandbag slams, etc

Go for TIME!!!!


10 mins on rotating stair climber, every even minute, carry a 20lb sandbag on your shoulder


You are now a Spartan! Go Stretch!


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