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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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Sometimes the ass kicking chooses you...

February 21, 2018

After a fun afternoon walking in the snow yesterday with our 3 dogs, our whole family had a pleasant dinner, watched some Olympic coverage and went to bed.  Around 10:30 pm when I had just entered a deep slumber, I awoke to a horrible smell.  It wasn't an unfamiliar smell since probably about once a month one of our dogs decides to leave us a steaming hot present, but this smell was particularly rancid.  I got out of bed, went downstairs and discovered 4 piles of extremely loose dog poo scattered about our living room floor.  Groggily, I gathered my cleaning supplies and got to work.  About 20 mins later I was back in bed and off to dreamland.  When 2:30am rolled around, the same putrid smell woke me and my husband up this time.  I told him what I had already cleaned up so he decided to take this shift.  Despite the temps being below zero at this time, I tried to open our bedroom windows to get rid of the smell but surprisingly found them to be frozen shut.  I moved to plan B and covered my nose with a blanket so I could try and get back to sleep.  The next thing I knew, my 5:15 am alarm went off so I could get up for my group boot camp.  I could still smell the poop but figured it was just lingering since we couldn't open the windows.  Ummm, ya, I was totally wrong about that.  I came downstairs once again to find lakes of dog diarrhea all over the hardwood floors (thank goodness we don't have carpet!!!!).  This time it was a joint effort between James and I since I had only about 10 minutes before I needed to leave the house.  Unfortunately it is the afternoon now and we are still dealing with a leaky dog butt, but at least we are awake to let him out.  Our best guess is that he ate something disgusting on our walk yesterday and it is just passing through.  Cross your fingers because I certainly can't take another night like that.


That was a long winded way to divulge that I didn't intend to have today's workout kick my ass like it did but when you are trying to function on a shitty night's sleep, something that seems like it wouldn't be that difficult suddenly feels like you are trying to win an Ironman.


For what its worth, here i what I did in the gym today. 


20 min hill climb on the treadmill: I started at a 4.0 incline and moved up .5 about every 3 minutes while trying to maintain anywhere from a 15 to 16 min mile


4 sets of the following:

15 thrusters

15 seated bicep curls (no cheating with the legs)

10 side arm flys

10 bent over rows on each arm

(I used 15lbs for the thrusters and curls, 10lbs for flys and 30lbs for rows)


9 minutes on rower

1st min: easy pace, 2nd min: medium effort, 3rd min: hard push.  Repeat 2 more times


4 times:

50 yard heavy farmer carry

10 push up burpees


On TRX, 4 times through:

12 push ups

12 tricep extensions

10 pull ups.




Yep, I needed a nap after that!

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