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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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Get "Tacked", and then some...

February 23, 2018

I can't say enough about the trainer we work with once a week at our gym, the Colorado Athletic Club in Boulder. Brett Tack is an all around bad ass, hard working, genuine human being who puts up with our crap. Well, not really mine...ok maybe a little of mine but definitely A LOT of my husband's. If you want to get fit, call or email Brett! We thoroughly enjoy our sessions with him every Friday although we curse him when we try to do our long group runs on Saturday because he has made us so sore. We plan to fix that little dilemma soon but, for now, here is a taste of what it is like to get "Tacked" as we like to call it.


Note that this is a partner workout but can easily be done alone.



Warm up: however you like just be prepared to have your heart rate spike with the first movement


Round 1: 

10 burpees with a one armed dumb bell snatch: Do your burpee with one hand on the ground and one on a dumbell (we used 20 or 17.5 lbs). When you stand up, instead of jumping out of the squat, snatch the dumb bell overhead.


twisting jumps while lifting and lowering the heavy rope: Imagine you are skiing down moguls.  You are going to jump side to side in place with your knees together while basically heaving one of those giant ropes to the opposite side that your legs are facing and then back again.  The emphasis is on lifting the rope high and then low.  In terms of time, we did it as long as it took the other person to do the 10 burpees.


Repeat burpees but snatch with other arm

Repeat twists and jumps with rope


10 full sit ups using a 10 lbs medicine ball.  Lower the ball with straight arms over your head, come to a sit up and throw the medicine ball at a wall.  If no wall is available, you can always extend it up in the air


Round 2:

Slam ball jumps: For 30 seconds, using a 20 lb slam ball, slam it to the ground, catch it on the rebound while in a squat then jump while lifting ball over the head. Slam it down again to begin next motion.


Seated Russian rope twist: For 30 seconds, imagine like you are doing ab Russian twists except you will be throwing that heavy rope back and forth.


Repeat slam ball jumps

Repeat Russian Rope twists


10 full sit ups with medicine ball 


Round 3:

10 Thrusters with barbell: can easily be done with dumbbells but we used the bar.  Make sure you have good form


Run on treadmill at 10% incline: we tried it at 5.5mph and the duration again depended upon how long it took the other person to do the thrusters


Repeat Thrusters

Repeat Treadmill


20 heavy kettlebell swings

10 squat, catch, press the kettlebell: squat holding the kettlebell by the handle, as you stand you are going to lift the kettlebell as well to catch it at the base of the handles so you can then lift it over your head


Repeat Thrusters

Repeat Treadmill

Repeat Thrusters

Repeat Treadmill


Repeat Kettlebell swings and squat, catch, press


Round 4:

Weighted lateral walk: With a band around your ankles, walk laterally in a mini squat while holding a medicine ball, making sure to keep feet pointed forward and band constantly stretched. Try to cover a distance of about 20 meters


Then, take medicine ball, squat to pick it up, stand up, squat again holding the ball then once you are standing tall again simply drop the medicine ball to the ground.  Repeat 5 times.


Repeat lateral band walk


Cross body cable pull: Using the cable placed on the setting all the way to the ground, grab handle with both hands, step out the the right while stretching arms straight and across body to the upper right. Return to center.  Then do this same motion to the left.  Repeat 20 times


Repeat weighted lateral walk

Repeat medicine ball

Repeat weighted lateral walk

Repeat Cross body cable walk


Congratulations, you've been "Tacked"!

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