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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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Beasty beast

March 21, 2018

I'll admit this is a pretty dumb name for this workout but someone called me a beast after seeing me do this.  I took it as a compliment although I hope the name didn't correspond to any comments on my sweat/hair/or body odor.  I just simply tell people I am trying to train for a Spartan race so that is why I am randomly carrying weights on my laps around the gym.  Nothing wrong with being different.  What I am doing today just might be what the person who called me a beast is inspired to do tomorrow!


warm up- 15 mins on stair climber/treadmill


Set #1

4 times through 

20 Push presses (overhead press with dumbells, using a very slight knee bend to straight leg push to help the arm press)

20 overhead tricep extensions (I just dropped one of the weights I used for the push press and used a single weight)

50m One sided farmer's carry (for this, try to imagine that you are carrying the weighted plate, I used a 35 lb plate, like a suitcase down at your side but maintain perfect body alignment and form.  Meaning, resist the urge to let the weight pull you to that side.  switch sides for each time through so you end up doing each side 2x)


repeat but drop to 15 reps plus farmers carry  

repeat but drop to 12 reps plus farmers carry  

repeat but drop to 10 reps plus farmers carry  


Set #2

one minute each, rest 15 seconds between

burpees with bosu ball (regular burpee but bosu goes overhead when you jump)

step overs on bosu (stand on curved part of bosu, side step to one side making sure both feet end up on ground then step/step on top and step/step to other side. go faster as you get the hang of it)

toe taps on bosu (same as running with high knees except your toes are only going as high as to tap the bosu)

repeat each exercise

Total: 6 mins


Set #3

20 pushups

20 kettlebell swings

50 m sandbag carry


repeat with 15 reps plus sandbag

repeat with 12 reps plus sandbag

repeat with 10 reps plus sandbag


set #4

10 medicine ball sit up- either throw to a partner or slam against the wall

 10 Russian twists- in pike position, twist to each side 10x

repeat 4 times


Set #5

30 sec row- as hard and as fast as you can

10 lat pull downs

repeat 3 times



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